WELL+GOOD is our Spirit Animal

This past weekend Good Zebra had the gift of participating in our first ever tradeshow. With the help of magicians and wizards behind the scene from NY to LA we bit off not only our first, but the LARGEST natural products expo there is. It’s called Expo West and this year there were 80,000 industry attendees, over 3,100 brands represented of which just over 500 were appearing for the first time. It was one of the most incredible experiences imaginable. We met kind, generous people from every walk of the industry and our favorite statement from one of the retailers was “It’s like you are giving adults permission to eat animal crackers again”. WELL SAID. Today we woke up to the much anticipated WELL+GOOD (www.wellandgood.com)  round-up of the event and guess what?!!!! WE MADE THE LIST! Check out what made us shout from our snowy rooftop in lower manhattan today – aint no blizzard holding this excitement in. Thank you Emily Laurence – for making us dance.

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