What's in THE name?

2 years ago TODAY the brand-that-could was born on a crisp January night in NYC by a gang of BadB’s.  

The brand – it’s me, my people, my surroundings, my love, influence, gratitude. The name elicits the same. Good Zebra came from two important things in my life: my turquoise papier-mâché zebra head [a constant in my corporate office] and my collection of bad b’s [and by ‘b’s’ yes, I do mean bitches].  My posse, tribe, girl-gang, harem - whatever you want to call yours – mine are known as my bitches and they wear that badge with honor.  They are those that lift me up when needed, hold me up when I didn’t always know I needed it and remind me to stay grounded.  These women believed in an idea and over years with trust, many late nights, and countless vodka bottles, together we built a brand - Good Zebra.  

The turquoise papier-mâché zebra head was in my office for many years and whenever I wanted a meeting to end or a subject to be terminated or didn’t want to discuss a topic further, I would say “talk to the zebra.” Everyone knew this was my way of saying I am no longer listening.  It became part of my personal “work brand.”  

When it was decided to launch a cookie company on Jan 29, 2015, the b’s arrived and our story began.  We knew Good Zebra had to embody these words:

  • Fearless
  • Female led
  • Protective / kind
  • Disruptive / loud – no longer asking permission
  • Loyal
  • Transparent 
  • Active
  • Snack oriented
  • Vegetarian 

With the help of google, dictionary.com and a bit of creative thinking [lets be real, it included some vodka and urban dictionary too] we found zebras are:

  • Fearless: Don’t freeze in danger 
  • Noisy: disruptive / loud and definitely not asking permission
  • Female led / protective: move in a harem and huddle together when in danger
  • Loyal: Very Seldom alone
  • Active: Move around a lot
  • Snack oriented: Grazers
  • Vegan: Herbivores 
  • Transparent: Every zebra carries Unique and different stripes

And just like that, GOOD ZEBRA was born.

**I seal this post with gratitude and send it out to all the fearless, active, protective, badb’s that loyally give their time, love, hearts and kind energy to this snack-oriented, transparent, disruptive, brand.**

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