GZ LOVES... Nancy Ingersoll

GZ LOVES... Nancy Ingersoll

Nancy Ingersoll is a full-service creative resource. A "Jill" of all creative trades, Nancy refuses to be just one thing. That means that sometimes she is the one behind the camera and other times she is the graphic designer. Nancy is a lifelong student- always pushing herself to learn more and follow her creative instinct down new paths.  

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What drives your creativity?

Inspiration for me is literally everywhere - not just on traditional art, but color palettes and shapes are in everything from nature to architecture.

 You create such beautiful quotes, what words do you live by?

“Suffering produces perseverance.” The ring I wear has the reference engraved... Romans 5:3-5.

Do you work analog or digital?

Both. When lettering and painting, I start with a pencil more than not. For photography, I love the darkroom—there is a special kind of magic that happens in there. However, my photography has migrated to digital since moving away from my darkroom (plus, that is just plain better for the environment on so many levels).

What’s your ideal day- start to finish?

I have two ideal routines... maybe that is why I have not niched down to just one discipline in my work. But, just like how my work is related, my routines are also very parallel. Both start with coffee - either at home with my dog, where I will often sit on the floor with him while I drink it, or abroad when I travel. I like to create in the morning and the afternoon, so no matter where I am, I feed my creativity after my coffee. Then I get my blood moving with a walk, either wandering aimlessly in a foreign city or on the hiking trail by my house with my dog at my side. Lunch most frequently involves a salad with fruit, cheese, and nuts in it. Then create once more until it is time for dinner with my husband.

Where are you most at peace?

Where the crowds aren’t. Despite the fact that I enjoy the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, London, and Tokyo on a regular basis, It is the non-tourist parts of each that I thrive in. I am happy in the mountains or at the beach. I adore being with my family and friends but am equally content with my alone time. I like traveling but can also be a homebody. I think it is easy to be at peace when you acknowledge all that you are blessed with.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Art supplies. I suppose it was imposed upon me by my mother. She is an artist and is always thrilled to get new art supplies. The linen closet in my home actually has more space allocated to creative supplies than it does linens.

In what way are you fearless?

I love to travel abroad. When I want to see something- I go and don’t let fear get in the way! When I am abroad, my phone goes on airplane mode. I use a map, and I get lost—I wander through neighborhoods, but that is how I see the most incredible things.


Our favorite childhood food memory is animal crackers, of course. What’s yours

My childhood food memories are more about the situation than the actual food. I grew up in Southern California in a house with a big pool, and remember eating lunch with my toes in the pool or dinner on the patio with a towel wrapped around me while my hair was still dripping wet.

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