Our launch product: Spirit Animal Crackers

Our launch product: Spirit Animal Crackers

Spirit Animal Crackers, hit me like a ton of bricks about four months into the process of trying to launch a better-for-you cookie company. I couldn’t find a factory to make what we originally set out to do – and thought – ok, we tried, that’s it. Close the door.

That night, I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning when I had that ‘aha’ moment that made me jump out of bed. This was the light bulb that would entice all the appropriate and necessary business partners, along with the consumer. Here’s the challenge of launching any brand: you must identify a product that has a built in need/want/desire for people to get excited. For us, it was something familiar made fresh again. A reinvention, if you will.

Four months earlier, the night the brand was born, we created a list of all the products we could potentially make – a roadmap. One of the items on the list was Spirit Animal Crackers. Spirit Animal or “what’s your spirit animal” was pretty popular in social media so we jokingly added to the list. At the time, I circled the idea and said – kids food – we can do that later. Well… it took all the other doors being closed in my face to see so clearly that we had the authority to give adults permission to eat animal crackers again. Why not? No one else had done it and if we made them a sound replacement to a protein bar, more detailed (less caricature-esque), redefined a cookie label, created sophisticated packaging and showed up where we believed our consumer was – well… homerun. 

In addition, I personally felt that making a spirit animal cracker was aligned with so many of my early life lessons from my parents. They instilled in me a love of meditation, whole food and a spiritual mantra. They gave me Evenstar as a middle name. C’mon! Spirit animal crackers felt aligned to my personal brand.

Have you ever wondered what your Spirit Animal is? We have taken the guessing out of it, provided a sense of humor and made a fun, easy quiz available for you. This by no means, represents the entire animal kingdom, just those that are inside each of our bags: https://good-zebra.com/pages/discover-your-spirit-animal

I once again close this post with gratitude for every door that has closed, every hiccup along the way and everything that hasn’t gone as planned – for if I wasn’t challenged along the way we would never have launched Spirit Animal Crackers and the world just wouldn’t have been the same. These little beasts are the pinnacle of what we set out to do – they deliver the snackable, crave-inducing moment we so sincerely wanted to align to the brand, they are free of refined sugar and a good source of protein. They also emotionally connect to my core and therefore are something I can stand by.

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