Our Wellness Guru's Guide to a Healthy, Happy New Year & Beyond

Our Wellness Guru's Guide to a Healthy, Happy New Year & Beyond

Stressed out by New Year's resolutions? Us too. That’s why we don’t make them! Instead, we focus on setting mindful intentions and making small, powerful changes to our daily lives. By making meaningful promises to yourself instead of creating strict rules, you free up precious space and energy. Be kind to yourself and enter this new year with an open heart and an altered mindset.

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To guide you in your journey, we’ve reached out to some of our favorite dieticians, healers and fitness gurus in our Good Zebra network for their best tips on lifelong happiness, health, and new year bliss. We hope you will connect with our friend's advice, maybe even just one of them, and if not... don’t worry! You will find the right path for YOU.

Erika Szychowski

Founder of Good Zebra

“When you first wake up every single morning - make your first motion output instead of input. Instead of grabbing your phone, checking email, Instagram, etc - take a few moments to be still with a journal, in prayer, meditation or on a yoga mat to see what comes out.  When you are at rest, your mind solves your problems, so the best time to tackle those problems is immediately after you wake up. The moment you begin allowing noise in you, the further back you cram the opportunity for output into your subconscious.” -@eszychowski

Alyson Charles aka RockStar Shaman

Television host and conscious lifestyle expert

“Make love the priority. Connecting to self-love and self-honor and allowing ourselves to receive in love is the bravest and purest act we can do while on Earth. Once you are in vibrational alignment with that love and connection to yourself, you will have the capability to truly see and love another. You can then move about your day focusing on your new intentions for the year from a foundation that is of the highest frequency on the planet and that will put you in-tune with nature, truth, and Earth. From this place of full connection, you will be able to manifest your visions. 

Place your left hand to your heart and your right hand to your lower abdomen, look in the mirror and speak at least 5 loving things about yourself, looking into your eyes, stating “I love me because I am _______.” Next, think of five other people, places or things that you love and really let yourself FEEL it. Breathe into your heart and let those loving thoughts and energies fill you. Be soft, be gentle, be easy.  And when that process is complete, go forth about your day.” -@RockstarShaman

Melissa Rifkin aka Confession of a Dietitian


“Get the word diet out of your vocabulary. Living the life you want and deserve starts with measurable, yet minor changes. Once you can confidently say you've achieved that minor change, add another, and so on and so forth. Before you know it these minor changes make up a big part of your healthier lifestyle shift and the impact is major. Allow for slip-ups, after all, you're human, aren't you?” -@confessionofadietitian

Heidi and Natalie aka Butter Your Macros

Food Influencers

“Exercise every day for at least 20 minutes. I know that sounds boring and predictable, but I promise you will feel so good- both mentally and physically. Also, try to eat 100G of protein per day. Our bodies need protein for all metabolic action, it helps create lean muscle mass and it will keep you satisfied longer than any other macronutrient." -@butteryourmacros

Carlene Thomas aka Healthfully Ever After


“Have a seat and get inspired for meals and keep that list handy throughout the season. Less decision fatigue= more time for making healthy and delicious meals!” -@healthfullyeverafter

Dasha aka Dashafit

Fitness Trainer and Influencer

“Focus on what you love about yourself. It sounds simple but we all have that negative something we pick out when we look into the mirror. My tip is to challenge that voice. What if we all became obsessed with the things that we loved about ourselves? I challenge you to learn to fall in love with yourself- no matter what you think you look like. Fall in love with your actions, your values, and WHO you are.” - @dashafitness

Mark Jenkins

Celebrity Fitness Trainer

“First thing every morning, take a half hour to meditate and visualize achieving all of your goals. Slowly, you’ll notice your dreams will begin to manifest.” -@TheMarkJenkins

Erin Sykes 

Founder of Mission360

"My favorite thing to do in January is treating myself to an extra-long deep tissue massage. It’s an amazing way to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and new year’s goals in complete, uninterrupted silence. Also, I find that massages help me stay in tune with what my body needs; where it’s holding tension and how I can tailor my workouts to help." -@mymission360

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From all of us at Good Zebra, we wish you a happy, healthy New Year!

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