Spirit Animal: the story behind the animals

Spirit Animal: the story behind the animals

At Good Zebra, we make animal crackers, for adults. And trust me, they are damn good. But at the core, they are more than just a tasty treat. They are animals that embody each and every one of you; they are zebras, unicorns, foxes, turtles and more.

These bold spirit animal designs were inspired by my inked up brother and two cousins. If you ask them, I have spent more time complaining and lacking understanding for their tattoos than I have admiring them. A few years ago I took the time to step back and embrace their tattoos as a very personal form of self expression. I was reminded art comes in many forms, but it has to be rooted in expression – the person behind it having something to say and a way to say it and those drawn to it a deep connection to the language it speaks.

Being caught up in my corporate life took me away from my free spirited childhood, I grew up being exposed to and practicing every possible art form as both my parents, my grandmother, my aunt, my cousin and one of my brothers are all incredible artists. Each practicing in different forms and different life stages. I chose a corporate path and learned to draw within the lines – to follow the formula. Always. 

Breaking out of this to remind myself greatness comes from thinking outside the box, great ideas come from trying a variety of things until something resonates and when you let go of the rules and begin the creative cycle ideas flow freely and doors open easily. What better way to begin this cookie journey, than through art? In its most natural state and in a form that clearly resonated with so many that I love. Our Spirit Animal Crackers were inspired by street art inclusive of tattoos and full of self-expression.

Each of the 11 animals were selected with great care - my cousin Jesse has spent his professional career fighting and preventing forest fires.  Many of these animals he has had the pleasure of observing in their natural habitat - both while at play and at times, under extreme stress when their homes are threatened.  When I told him I was setting out to reinvent our favorite childhood treat - he brought this dream to life through the same inspiration that tells countless stories on his body and reveals pieces of him he is willing to share. These animals share something with those I love – each selected for a reason and each given a bit of attitude, spunk and an authentic and own able identity. We believe that each can do the same for you!

Zebra: The yin and yang, the yay and the nay. Black and the white — you’re the whole package. The individual in the herd, you gallop to the beat of your own drum. Adversity? Simply zigzag. That’s just what zebras do. And by zebra, I mean you.

Fox: Nobody outfoxes the fox. The ultimate mastermind, you rule with calculated planning. Meticulous to the madness? Maybe. Able to turn thought-glitter into gold? Absolutely.

Unicorn: You’re a legend. A vision. A super power to the people. The original snowflake, you work the metaphysical. Life is pure magic, and you take it by the horn. 

Grizzly Bear: Bow down. Royalty of the woods, you command attention. Revered. Renowned. Respected. Beauty, fierce, and the beast. You are a force to be reckoned with.

Deer: Hello work of art. Beguiling and innocent, your charms captivate and conquer, getting you into what some call “trouble,” and you call Tuesday. Luckily, doe eyes, your keen intuition sees you “MacGyver” out of a scrape — hotness intact, every time.

Turtle: Born this way – determination is your calling card. Terrible odds? Challenge accepted. Pragmatic for the win, you know when to go hard or go home and take a dang break. The underdog, with eyes on the prize, you always win. Hero in a half shell. Turtle power.

Wolf: Oh, hey there...big, bad ass. Leader of the pack, you pave the path — dropping knowledge along the way. You trust your instincts. Creature of the night, your spirit makes them dance, your fierceness makes them howl, and your cunning makes them cry wolf.

Peacock: No shrinking violet—you’ve got it, so flaunt it. Crowd stopping, champagne popping, mic dropping, true colors shining through. Confidence is everything — there’s nothing to hide.

Butterfly: First lifer? Not a chance. You’ve been around the block and back on repeat. Change is your middle name, and you wear it like a badge of honor. From one chapter to the next, you rock and roll with the unknown. Open. Fearless. Beautiful.

Kestrel: Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough...to get between you and any animal, vegetable, mineral, or Gosling. Base jumper of the skies, you fearlessly wing-it, taking risks to get what you want. After all, you always land on your feet.

Owl: Rise up to wise up. You’re the wing superman to everyone. Not afraid of the dark — you are a bright-eyed, bright-light, black-out-day tour guide. You don’t toot your own horn; you don’t need to. You’re the guru, the sage, the owl.

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