You Need to Read Hillary Clinton’s Letter To Her Younger Self…

You Need to Read Hillary Clinton’s Letter To Her Younger Self…

Hillary Clinton just wrote a letter for Teen Vogue to herself and it’s exactly what every woman, regardless of her age, needs to read. The younger self she addresses in her note has just finished her first semester at the prestigious Wellesley College. At about 18 years old, Hillary is proud, ambitious, but at the same time, insecure.

She writes about how she would be consumed by the fear of not being good enough over and over again throughout her career and life.

Despite her self-doubt, she urges herself to push through.

She pushes so hard that she becomes the first woman in history to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President.


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As Mrs. Clinton knows, there are so many times in life where there doesn’t seem to be a right answer. You may feel worried, stressed and even vulnerable. There are moments when you will want to take a leap but your legs will tremble.

I’ve felt all of these feelings tenfold. Building a business like Good Zebra was terrifying, but I jumped anyway. This leap of faith turned out to be the best decision of my life! I say do your best to remember to live fearlessly and trust the process.

So whether you are on top of the world today or down on your luck, read what she has to say and remember, with enough faith you too can run the world someday.

Read our favorite lessons from Madam Secretary’s letter...

  1. Take risks... “and don’t be afraid to get caught trying. Do your best to embrace the excitement that comes with not knowing what’s next, and remember that confidence and an open mind will always serve you better than insecurity and doubt.”  
  2. Surround yourself with amazing people “One of the best things in life is getting to know intelligent, inspiring people who have something to say. Learn from them. Ask their advice. Support them, and let them support you.”
  3. Ditch the plan... “I can’t promise [your leaps of faith] all work out the way you want them to. But I can promise that you will learn from every single one of them.”
  4. Keep your friends close “They will lift you up and keep you grounded all at once. Best of all, they will help you learn to love yourself exactly as you are: human, imperfect, a work in progress, but always striving.”
  5. Women can do anything! “And while I know sometimes it seems like we have an awfully long way to go, progress will come. It won’t happen as quickly as you hope, but in your lifetime, you will see the world change for women in ways you wouldn’t believe.”

Read the full story at Teen Vogue.

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